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  1.    Keep blowguns and ammunition out of the reach of children. Blowguns should only be used by adults or under the supervision of adults.

  2.    Wear eye protection when shooting that completely covers both eyes.

  3.    You must always have a REAL backstop behind any target you shoot at. Do NOT shoot at trees and brushes.

  4.    Do not shoot through a "blind intersection." Always make sure that you do not shoot in a narrow area where someone has the chance to mistakenly walk into the line of fire.

  5.    Do not shoot darts at a wall. If the dart goes through the wall and hits a wire, it will become an “energized” dart. Touching an energized dart may result in a severe shock. (Possibly strong enough to stop the heart)

  6.    Do not shoot at things that bounce. (basket balls, soccer balls, red rubber playground balls, volley balls, beach balls, high-energy bounce balls, etc) Do not expect darts to pierce round objects.

  7.    Never shoot at anything that can easily be damaged. Such as cars, houses, windows, animals, and most importantly people.

  8.    Do not put a handful of darts in your pocket. Always use a quiver, pouch or anything designed to hold whichever choice of ammunition you have decided to use.

  9.    Do not walk or run or do gymnastics while holding a blowgun to your mouth.  

  10. Never carry a blowgun in a way that would cause it to come in contact with an overhead power supply line. (Even wooden blowguns)

  11. Blowguns should be kept unloaded. Traveling with “one in the chamber” is very dangerous. Darts can easily slide out. Darts should only be pulled out when the target has been spotted.

  12. Do not use unsafe objects as resting areas for your blowgun. (Such as resting the blowgun pointed straight down on top of your knee or other body parts) The best way to transport your blowgun is to have it strapped to your back with a lanyard, other types of straps or a carrying pouch. (If you do not have one, holding the blowgun with the muzzle end pointed down toward the ground would be recommended)

  13. Safely make sure that your blowgun barrel is clear before loading it. Do not hold the blowgun up to look through the barrel as anything inside may fall into your eye.

  14. Do not EVER suck your dart into your blowgun. Always inhale AWAY from the mouthpiece. Or inhale though the nose and exhale through the mouth.

  15. Blowguns should not be shoot “on the move.” If necessary, move to the desired position, set up your shoot, then shoot. (Remember that when you are short winded due to exercise or high heart rate, it may alter accuracy and velocity. In which case, remember to calm your breathing before you put the mouthpiece to your mouth because you may accidently inhale through your mouth trying to “catch your breathe”)

  16. NEVER shoot a dart high into the air with no idea of where it's going to land or directly up into the sky. What goes up, must come down. When it comes down, it will have the velocity to pierce even the skull.

  17. When starting to practice as a beginner, start closer to the target. 5 yards or meters would be a good start. But not much closer than that.

  18. It is not always necessary to strongly blow into your blowgun. It is a heavy burden on your lungs. Anyone who has asthma, heart problems, lung cancer or disease, or other respiratory system problems, should get approval from your doctor before use of a blowgun.

  19. When aiming, do not close one eye. Use both eyes to have better accuracy. Closing one eye can result in your aim drifting to one side and miss your target.

  20. Repeated use of the same ammunition can alter the shape. Replacing ammunition periodically is recommended.