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HOW TO Load a blowgun

First, you will need to acquire your target. If you are in target practice, stand directly in front of your target at the exact distance away from your target that you wish to be. From there you will need to load your blowgun. Regardless of the type of blowgun or ammunition that you are using, you should load your blowgun with extreme caution. The ammunition should be inserted in the blowgun through the mouthpiece end and pushed through the safety portion of the mouthpiece. Use your finger tip to assure the ammunition is half of an inch past the bore’s opening while holding the safety mechanism on the mouth piece.

HOW TO Hold a blowgun

Now once are in position and your blowgun is loaded, hold the blowgun up, either wrapping both of your hands over the shaft, or wrapping one of them over the shaft while holding the bottom with the other hand. Furthermore, keep the elbows close, resting on the chest, while place your foot one in front of other or both parallel.

HOW TO Shoot a blowgun

Now the final thing for you to do is take a deep breath AWAY from the mouthpiece. Place your mouth over the mouthpiece. And blow a short, sharp burst of air to fire the dart. (Not breathing in with the loaded mouthpiece is extremely important.)

HOW TO Clean a blowgun

Always check to make sure the barrel is clear.  Never look up into the barrel as anything inside of it could fall back into your eye.  Also, keep muzzle elevated so that darts can not slide out. Hold the blowgun downward so you can look through the mouthpiece and into the bore. After visual inspection, blow a long burst of air through the bore to ensure that the weapon has been cleared.