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Avenger Blowguns is a family owned business that has been making blowguns since 1994. We are located in Richardson, TX, which is a suburb of Dallas. Our business started out in our living room with rows of blowgun parts, hand fitting them together as a family. We acquired the best USA made parts from top manufacturers to make sure we had the best blowgun out there so we would confidently stand behind our product. Now, 17 years later, we have moved into a 16,000 square foot warehouse. Even though we have grown in size throughout the years, we have kept the same love and attention to details that we put into our products when we first started out. Our staff consists of blowgun experts that still hand fit all of our blowgun pieces together and we still use the highest quality parts and pipe. Our pipe is finished off with the highest quality anodizing for a lifetime of enjoyment. 




It has been lost in history as to when blowguns had first been invented. Some historians believe it was first made in Malaysia, where they were made from bamboo and reeds that were growing naturally. Due to its uncomplicated design, this weapon was also believed to be invented and re-invented in various locations. Most historians agree though that the blowgun’s original invention date is estimated to be around the Stone Age, and was known and used at that time on all the colonized continents. Despite its worldwide distribution, the average weapon differs little in form across its use all around the world, and has still has not changed much over time. This lack of change in form has led archaeologists to assume that prehistoric exchange occurred between tropical colonizes around the world. Blowguns very likely had started as toys, which eventually grew into genuine hunting weapons for shooting birds and small animals. In areas where blowguns were used for hunting, children were often given toy versions and youths smaller training weapons.

Several local peoples of the South East Asia, Amazon and Guiana regions of South America are best known for the use of blowguns. In a few cultures, darts were, and still are, dipped in poisons to paralyze their target. These tribes very rarely used blowguns as anti-personnel weapons. For that, the tribes mainly used knives, spears and other hand-to-hand combat and throwing weapons. North American Cherokees were known to use river cane to build their blowguns. It helped enhance their diet with birds, rabbits and other small creatures.

Today, blowguns are used with tranquilizer darts to capture wildlife or to stun caged dangerous animals, such as zoo and circus animals. Herpetologists use blowguns with stun darts to apprehend subtle lizards. Mostly though, blowguns are used recreationally, with either darts or paintballs.